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Institutional Distinctiveness

Rural reconstruction through education and education through rural reconstruction

In keeping with the motto ‘Rural reconstruction through education and education through rural reconstructionthe mission of the college in the past and in the present is to help students to get quality education and their upliftment in the terms employability.  The college is strongly committed towards the development of students.

The college is located in the Western Ghats region, one of the eight biodiversity hotspots in the world. The tehsil is adorned with hills and green forest. It harbors many endemic flora and fauna. The students of this area are well acquaintance with the forest, wildlife and their habitat and realize the importance of conserving it. So they enthusiastically participate in various activities for the protection and conservation of forest and wildlife. Bhudargarh tehsil has dense forests, many sacred grooves, forts, ancient temples, nature spots and tourist spots. Considering all these aspects, the college had started a certificate course called ‘Rural Tourism’. Through this course students are given information about various tourist places of the region. Due to this, many students have set up a business by starting a tourism center in their area while studying in the college and they are meeting the expenses of their education from it. Various biodiversity related activities organized by the college encouraged many students to start their agro or forest based small startup as a business source. Remarkable students are engaged in Apiculture as their prime source of income. The updated knowledge and techniques of apiculture illustrated in the college have brought a change in this business. 

            Due to hilly topography the region is isolated from the urban area and the society is mostly rural and agrarian. The language used in the region is a dialect of Marathi. So the students are hesitant in communicating in English. To overcome this phobia of English, college has stared certificate course of English communication. Also college has arranged remedial coaching in English. The substantial efforts are made for the implementation of the career oriented courses. It includes competitive exam guidance center and placement and career counselling. Our placement cell has organized more than 10 placement camps for the students to get jobs at the doorstep. 

The environmental-friendly infrastructural complex of the institution is the pride of us. The institute has a huge main building, well-equipped science laboratories, independent library building, girls hostels, staff quarters, vocational building, big play gorund, common auditorim, canteen, etc. 

Well-equipped Science laboratories and library with a rich collection of books are one of the important assets of the institute. The students and teachers from the various schools, colleges from the neighbouring villages visit our Science laboratories for demonstration and library for reference work. Many research students specifically form arts and fine arts visit our library for reference work due to vast and old collection of books. 

            Considering the location of the college, the efforts have been made for the development of the students through quality education and also social, environmental and gender awareness activities. A significant emotional intelligence and value system is required to control social, political and cultural pollution. College has started value-based courses like Introduction to Constitution, Indian Constitutional Rights and Duties, Human Rights, Democracy, Elections and Good governance, Yoga and wellbeing etc. Some of these courses are part of CBCS and student get 2 credits for that. To build and enhance emotional intelligence among the student and the society, college actively took part in awareness and relief activities during disasters like flood or pandemic like corona through NCC and NSS wing. The street-play, Vivek-vahini and Science club organises various programs and poster presentation to remove blind belief and enhance scientific temper. We try to inculcate the constitutional values like equality, secularism, social justice and fraternity through NSS/NCC camps.

Along with curricular the institution runs various co-curricular and extension activities to enhance the academic facilities of the students and to inculcate in them the educational, social and human values. It is the proper way to build the social character of the students. Saheli Manch Nirbhaya Cell, Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) conducted various ‘Gender Sensitization’ Programme’. Various guest lectures were conducted for students especially girl students regarding women empowerment, personal cleanliness and hygiene.

            One of the key distinctive features is the special efforts made by the institution to avail scholarships for students. In 2018, the Government of Maharashtra announced Rajarshi Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Shulk Shishyavrutti Scheme for students. The College undertook intense correspondence with the students to avail the scholarship. To enable students to avail the Rajarshi Shahu scholarship, the college took special efforts to reach out to maximum number of eligible students. They were sensitized about the scholarship through notices, promotional lectures, digital media and class-to-class canvassing. In addition, various other types of scholarships are made available for eligible students.

Considering the location of the college, all efforts have been made for the upliftment of the communities through quality education and social, environmental and gender awareness activities.

Environmental and Biodiversity Awareness and Promotion Activities

Extension Activities


Capacity Building and Skills Enhancement Initiatives